Black Clover Chapter 189 – Release Date and Spoiler


Black Clover chapter is finally interesting. By the end of chapter 188 we thought that Henry is really going to die, but thanks to Asta and other Blak Bull Member. We finally see some hope that Gauche and Marie gonna come back. It seems that Asta plays a very important role. The end make sure that Black Clover Chapter 189 is going to more amazing.

Black Clover chapter 189

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By the end of the chapter, we saw how Asta get close to Gauche and Marie and it seems that he has finally got them. We are finallly going to see his No Magic Sword in Action.

So what exactly are we going to see in Black Clover Chapter 189? To know more let’s see the expected spoiler for the chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 189 Spoiler

Note: This is an expected Spoiler. You Can share your thoughts in the comment below. Black Clover Chapter 189 Spoiler will get updated once we come across official Spoiler.

Looking at the end of Chapter 188, it becomes clear that this is an end of Asta and Gauche and Marie battle. This ensures that Asta and other will go to where Captain Yami is Or is there someone else?

There is a huge possibility that Gauche and Marie battle with Black Bull is finally over. Now we are going to see Captain Yami and Jack in action. Yami and Jack are at the place where Litch is. The most important thing here is to save their comrades.

If we are seeing Captain Yami and Jack, there is no doubt that the chapter going to be intense. After this chapter we might see Asta joining with his anti-magic sword. Apart from Yami and Jack, other captains are in the field, hence there is also an oppurtinity that we might see them in the battle.

To know what exactly going to happen, we will have to wait for the final spoiler.

Black Clover Chapter 189 Release Date

As of now, there is no delay for Black Clover chapter 189, which means that the chapter will get its release on 18th January 2019. If there is an update in the schedule, then we will update you here.

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