Black Clover Chapter 186 Release Date, Spoiler, Raw Scan


Finally, at Black Clover chapter 185 we saw Dorothy’s defeat. As per our last prediction, Sally did a great job by finding a way out and Venessa being the one to help. With this, the battle between Venessa and other against Dorthy is over. This also brings us to notice that there is an amazing battle awaiting in rest Black Clover chapters. In this post, we are going to know about Black Clover Chapter 186 release date & spoilers.

Black clover chpater 186

Black Clover Chapter 186 Spoiler

Coming directly to the spoiler, Black Clover Manga chapter 186 finally bring what we were waiting for. In this chapter, we are going to see the Magic Knight captains fighting against the elf. The only challenge here for them is to fight with their closed one without damaging them.

On the other hand, we will see how the Magic Knight members are going through the tough fight with these huge number of Elf. It seems that Sally will still play an important role here too. Asta and other will be fighting against Gauche & we will also see the fight between them.

We might get to see more individual fights in the upcoming chapters. What we are excited to see is how the battle ends and of Asta could get Gauche back.

Release Date

The best part of this anime series is that they provide episodes and manage frequent. t is clear that the Black Clover chpater186 will get a release on 21 December 2018. If there is any change in the schedule we will update you here.

Black Clover chapter 186 RAW scan

The RAW scan for Black Cover chapter 189 will get released one day prior to the chapter. We will share the Raw scan release as soon as we come across to it. You can Bookmark this page to get a regular update in the anime industry.