Black Clover Chapter 183 – Release Date & Expected Spoiler


Black Clover chapter 183

Black Clover Chapter 183: The Final Battle Approaches

Release Date: 23 November 2018

Status: Released

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The Kingdom of Shadow has finally revealed in this Black Clover Chapter 183. We will get to know that there was an ancient pact between the humans and elves. This pact was to safeguard the magical space that connects the world & that magic space is called the Kingdom of Shadow.

The only thing that they have to wait for is the final magic stone on the pedestal to finish the reincarnation ritual. With this, the soul of the original body (Currently the elves) will exchange with hell.

Some of the Elves are there to not let any hindrance to stop the followers of Sephirah and we saw Elves moving forward to Yami & Jack. But as expected we finally saw Aasta and other joining the battle. It was already revealed on the last spoiler of Black Clover. In this article, we are going to discuss Black Clover chapter 183 release date and expected spoiler.

Note: This is just our expected spoiler, we will update about Black Clover Chapter 183 official spoiler which will come 2 days before the official release.

Black Clover chapter 183 Expected Spoiler:

After such a long waiting we finally see Aasta & other on the battlefield & their presence was already spoiled. In this chapter, we are expecting to see Noelle & his brother to joining Yami & Aasta.

As we know that Aasta is going to play a very important role in this battle, we will finally see him action. Being the only person with an anti-magic sword, we will see how he undo the spell. We have already seen Aasta doing this in the Witches Forest Arc and now here.

There is no doubt that everyone will be going through tough time. But we might also see Finral Langris being a helping hand.

Black Clover chapter 183 Release Date: 

There is no new update as of now, hence we are expecting that the Black Clover Chapter 183 will get a release on 24th November 2018.

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