Black Clover Chapter 183 Official Spoiler Is Out


Black Clover chapter 183

Update: Black Clover Chapter 183 is Aired.

There has been a lot of speculation made in Black Clover Chapter 183 but nothing was confirmed. Today we have got our hands on the official Spoiler for Manga chapter 183. Before we go ahead to the spoiler, let us discuss about what we saw in chapter 182.

In the last chapter, we saw how all the Elf gathers together for the final ritual to open the gate for the Kingdom of Shadow. On the last article of Black Clover chapter 183, we already said that we will be seeing Aasta in action.

Note: Black Clover chapter 183 is going to be a short chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 183 Spoiler:

The chapter will take place where the Magic Knight members are moving forward toward the Elf and making their counter-attack. While they are in full force, we will see Dorothy Elf appearance, where she will open her eye and put Charmy, Vanessa, Magna, Luck, and Sally in a dream. With Dorothy’s magic, we will see everyone in a dream world.

Meanwhile, we will also see Gauche and Patolli in action with the captains. As the ritual is going on Gauche will asl Patolli to go ahead with Licht & Gauche and other Elf will wait to fight against the Black Bulls.

Where rest of the members are there in Dorothy’s dream world, the episode will end with Dorthy’s statement “Welcome to the world that I feel”. Overall this manga chapter seems to be a 15-page chapter, but it’s better to wait until the chapter is released. This also ensures that we have a lot to see in Black Clover Manga.

Black Clover Chapter 183 Release Date:

Now, talking about the release date for this chapter, we are going to see it live on 24th November 2018. If you have any doubt or query related to this chapter, you can ask us in the comment below.