Black Clover Chapter 182 Spoiler

Black Clover Chpate 182
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Chapter: Black Clove Chapter 182

Release Date: 16 November 2018

Status: Released

Note: Black Clover chapter 182 is released already. Enjoy watching the manga chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 182 Spoiler

Before we talk about the Spoiler, let’s talk about Ratri’s plan. We know that they now want to eradicate the human race by placing & activate the final magic stone at the pedestal.

Now, talking about chapter 182, this chapter is going to full of action & we will finally see Litch & Yami facing each other. We also saw Gauche along with Litch & they are planning to gather everyone.

By the end, we saw Yami talking about his Black Bull & other Magic Knights member, which means Aasta is soon going to appear in this chapter. It has also been clear that Litch is waiting for other Elf to gather & once they get the final magic stone they will reincarnate in their real form.

Talking about Jack & Yami they will go to the giant rock to meet Litch and other Elf’s & this chapter is going to be about Captian Yami v/s Litch & Jack V/s the new Elf. By the end of Black Clover chapter 182, we are going to see Aasta & other members to gather along with the Elfs.

Release Date:

Talking about the release date, Black Clover chapter 182 will release today on 15 November on their official timing. This chapter will show the initial phase of the biggest ar that we all were waiting for.