Black Clover Chapter 180 – Release Date & Spoiler


Chapter: Black Clover Chapter 180

Release Date: 2 November 2018

Status: Aired

Black clover chapter 180

Finally, we saw Captian Yami in the previous chapter 179 & by the end of the chapter, we get to know that Langris Elf is fighting against his family. We clearly see how Langris is overpowering Yami & Jack with is magic & the only one who defeats him now is Finral.

One this is clear that Yami & Jack won’t go near him as he has surrounded himself with Magic & we now believe that Finral will be facing his brother one on one. In the last chapter, we saw how he overpowers the King, which ensures an epic Chapter 180.

In this Article, we are going to discuss Black Clover chapter 180 spoiler & its release date.

Note: In the next issue we will get a Full Sized Colored Page.


Being a Black Bull team member Finral knows one thing and that is to surpass his power. Now he is in a tough situation, where Langris Elf’s power is even overpowering Yami & Jack, which means that its Finral duty to come out with some solution. (Valium)

We will see how Finral & Yami will find the limit of the Elf Langris. Looking at Yami & Jack’s look, it becomes clear that both are now excited to fight against him as they have finally got someone to their level. Langris being a Golden Dawn’s Vice Caption, there is no doubt that he is stronger than anyone there.

This next chapter will show how Finral will identify Langris weakness and will try to helo Yami & Jack to fight against him. This will be the first time we will see Finral behaving as his older brother. This also indicates that we might see Aasta soon after Langris and Yamis battle.

Release Date:

Talking about the release date, this chapter will air on 2nd November & this chapter will also show if we can see Aasta in the next chapter.