Black Clover Chapter 177 – Noelle New Magic Power


Chapter: Black Clover Chapter 177

Release Date: 11 September

Status: Published

Update: Black Clover Chater 177 is aired.

Black Clover Chapter 177

Black Clover chapter 176 is out & we are excited for the next chapter to release. In the last chapter, we saw how Noelle gets all emotional & releases her new power Valkyrie Dress. This ensures that the Elf is not going to be safe.

Noelle’s new power cover her with a water armor which makes her looks insane.  In this Article, we are going to discuss our expectation & release date for Black Clover chapter 177.


In this Black Clover chapter, we will see how Noelle uses her power against the strongest Elf he has fought so far. It will become tough for her to defeat the Elf, but with her new power, it will make the work easy. Noelle, on the other hand, is all upset that she couldn’t save her big brother which gives us an impression to see hers more intense form.

With this, it also makes an end to Silva Family fight with Elf, which means we can either see Captain Yami or Aasta in the chapter. It’s been a while that there is no update on Aasta’s status, which means he is going under some great fight. There are no rumors about Aasta’s presence, but it is said that his appearance will bring an end to the Elf Arc.

Release Date:

As per now, we are expecting to see Black Clover chapter 177 on 11 October. But if there is an update on the schedule we will update you here. We would also like to know your thought on Noelle new magic form.