Black Clover Chapter 176 – Power Of The Silva Family


Black Clover chapter 176

Chapter: Black Clover Chapter 176

Release Date: 4th October

Status: Aired

Update: The chapter is aired. Enjoy reading Black Clover Chapter 176

Black Clover chapter 175 is aired & in this chapter we saw how Yami & Nozel enters the Kingdom & plans to go different directions to defeat the Elfs. Zoro was really unexpected to be seen in this chapter. We believe that Yami has given him some task & now a lot of secrets will have revealed.

Talking about chapter 175, we saw how the Elf attacks Nozel & others. She uses her Compass magic to replicate Noelle’s magic & then uses the ultimate form to force stop any magic against her. Next chapter 176 is going to be about Noelle representing Silva’s families pride fighting against the elf.

So, how would Noelle fight against the powerful Elf? Are we going to see Yami in the Black Clover chapter 176? Let’s find the answer for this.

Our Expectation:

As seen that Noelle to be the only person to fight the elf, we will see her new form in this chapter. As she belongs to Black Bull, there is no doubt that she will surpass her limits & transform herself into a new person. It will really become hard for her to fight as well as save his family at the same time. We are not yet sure how this will happen, but we expect to see some intense action.

Yami is somewhere inside the Kingdom & we could see him in action. We are sure that it won’t be in this chapter, but it is sure to see the initiative of his battle with some elf. It has been a while that we haven’t seen Aasta in the chapter, hence we believe that chapter would come soon.

Release Date: 

Talking about the release date, Black Clover chapter 176 is expected to release on 4th October. But, if there is any change in the schedule, we will update you here.