Black Clover Chapter 175 – The Strong Magic


Black Clover Chapter 175

Chapter: Black Clover CHapter 175

Release Date: 28 Sept

Status: Aired

Update: Please note that the chapter is aired.

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There is no doubt that the Black Clover Series is shaping up with every episode & Manag chapter they release. Black Clover Chapter 174 is already out & as expected by us, we saw captain Yami & Jack in Action.  We saw how Yami & Jack take down both the Elf’s down with just one blow. But Finral plays a very important role to teleport them from one location to another.

With this, we also see how another Golden Dawn Elf entering the Clover Kingdom, Silva house killing any human coming in their way. By the time Solid Silva who is still is recovering his defeat from the Noelle, see the Elf crashing their room. We expected that Nebra, could defeat the Elf, but her Needle magic kills Nebra in an instant.

One of the cool thing that we saw, in the end, was to see Nozel Silva coming with other Silva’s at the Clover Kingdom. This brings us to think about what is going to happen in the next chapter of Back Clover. To know about it let’s discuss.

Update: The next chapter will come with a Colored Page. 

Our Expectation: 

We have been seeing the badass Yami throughout the Manga series & now seeing Nozel along with Noelle  & others flying on a huge bird. One thing that is here to notice about is the Huge rock, which they have got along with them. To know what exactly it is, we will have to wait for the chapter to air.

We still wondering about Aasta and the others to appear in the chapter. But, which chapter is not yet decided. As we have seen all the Elf’s gathered to kill every human race, it seems that we could see the reunion of all the Black Clover members to fight against these Elf’s. We still believe that Aasta will be playing a major role.

Release Date: 

Now, talking about the release date of this chapter, it is expected to be aired on 28th Sept. But we are yet to receive the confirmation. If there is any change in the schedule, then you know this place to find the update.