Black Clover Chapter 174 – Jack & Yami In Action


Black Clover Chapter 174

Black Clover Chapter 174: Flying In

Release Date: 20-Sept -2018

Status: Aired

Note: Black Clover Chapter 174 is Aired

An Overview of Chapter 173:

Finally, we see Yami back in action with Black Clover chapter 173 & as expected see how the Elf visit to attack the Royal capital. The Elf Langris is strong that he makes a hole in the castle with just one blow. To stop this, Yami asks Finral to teleport both of them inside the castle. As soon as they teleport in the castle, they face against 4 Elfs.

It was a lucky day for captain Yami to get assistance from Jack the Ripper. It seems that he hasn’t got converted into an Elf. We see how Jack rips off an Elf in two pieces.

This shows that chapter 174 is going to be intense. As expected on the last spoiler that we are going to see Aasta along with others and also will see other Magician from the kingdom, it seems that it is going to take a while.

We believe that the Black Clover Chapter 174 will focus more on Jack & Yami & along with that, we might see some more characters joining the battle.

Black Clover Chapter 174 Spoiler!

We already know that Jack has taken one Elf down with his Death Scythe Slash Magic. In this chapter, we are going to see the extension of this fight. We are yet to know the real power of the rest 3 Elf in this chapter. We are going to see more about Jacks ability & also Yami helping him.

Them being in the castle, it is quite obvious that they will be facing to more Elfs. This also brings us to notice about Fuegaleon, who had already sensed the presence of Elfs in the castle, which means we might see him in the next chapter. We are not yet sure when we will see Aasta and the others, but it is quite clear that is happing soon.

We are also waiting for Litch to appear in the chapter soon, but we are yet to get some hands on the spoiler for the chapter.

Release Date: 

There has been no official confirmation on the release date, but as per the schedule, the chapter will be aired on 20th Sept next week. Sources say that there won’t be any delay on the chapter. If there is any unfortunate in the release date, we will update you in our portal. We would also request you to share your idea on what you think about Black Clover chapter 174.