Black Clover Chapter 172 Release Date & Spoiler


Black clover chapter 172

We had already shared our expectation for the Black Clover chapter 172 & today we have received the final confirmation about the spoiler and release date for this manga chapter. According to the recent update the chapter 172 will release on 10 September.

Note: The Episode is aired.

Spoiler Alert!

Now talking about spoiler, the black clover chapter 172 is expected to show 2 fights. One will be about Fuegaleon vs Randell Elf & other will between Yami & Charlotte. The rumors also say that the chapter will also give an hint of Aasta and others.

We will be seeing an amazing battle between the most powerful person. As said in the last article about Fuegaleon’s new Salamander power is what will be demonstrated in this episode. We will see how he dominated Randell. (

According to our source it is said that in this episode we will also see Yami’s & Aasta’s experience. We are still wondering why Licht has not yet appeared. In the chapter 170 we saw how Charlotte feels Licht’s appearance nearby, which means that we might see Licht soon in the upcoming chapters.

There is no hint about Aasta and other after Yami & Charlotte arc, but we are expecting them to appear soon. In Black clover chapter 170 we saw Revchi and  Gueldre were out, which also indicates their appearance to be seen soon.

As said earlier the chapter will be aired on 07th Sept, in which might see more secrete & epic fights unveiling.