Black Clover Chapter 172 – Fuegaleon Is back


Black clover chapter 172

Black Clover Chapter 172 Release Date: 09-Sept-2018

Status: Episode Aired

After reading One Piece Manga 171, it becomes clear that Randell Elf is in danger. With this chapter, we saw the most unexpected moment of Fuegoleon coming back to fight Randell & this time he looks too serious & more powerful. The one thing that is quite surprising to see is the Salamander with Fuegaleon.

It seems that Fuegaleon is quite confident and that is mostly because of his new power & Salamander. We do see the fear in Randell Elf & looking at this it is quite obvious that Black Clover Manga 172 is going to be an epic chapter.

What Can We Expect?

One thing that’s for sure is action. We will be seeing the new power of Fuegaleon will be using his new power. We will also see how Salamander is fused with Fuegaleon. Salamander was belonging to Fana, but she is been possessed with the Elf, which means that the only reason why he is with him because he reacts to human emotions.

We might see how Fuegaleon gets Randell down with his new magic power. We might also see other 3 Spirits in the coming chapters.

There were also rumors that we might finally see Aasta and others in the chapter, but I believe to wait until we say the final word on this.

Release Date: 

The good thing is that the chapter is not been delayed this time. The Black Clover chapter 172 will be aired on 079 Sept next week. We really believe that the manga chapter 172, there might be Aasta’s appearance & might also see ‘Litch’ appearance in this chapter.