Black Clover Chapter 169 Release Date & Spoiler


Black Clover Chapter 169 Release Date: 20- April

Black Clover manga is getting intense & in the coming episode we will see an amazing battle between Yami & Charlotte Roselei, but will this happen in chapter 169? We believe that the Black Clover Chapter 169 have a glimpse of the battle between Yami & Charlotte & rest we could see some action with Aasta & others.

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What is Expected? 

The chapter is expecting to start with Yami & Charlotte facing each other and then we might directly see what’s happening with Aasta & others. Here Aasta will be facing against the Elves with others, but we are not sure who these Eleves exactly be.

One of the most important part of this chapter is how Aasta will use his 3rd sword to neutralize the magic spell. This clearly indicates how important is Aasta’s character in the Black Clover series. On the other hand we might also see how Yami is fighting with Charlotte. We might see how Yami uses his magic to defend him from her attack, as he cannot harm his friends.  We are expecting that in Yami & Charlotte battle we might see Aasta to appear & neutralize the Magic spell.

It is also expected that in the coming chapter (after chapter 170)we might see how Rades knows the truth about Litch and one who posses him. As it is said that Litch is not a bad person, which gives a clear indication that he is been possessed by some super natural power. We might get to know more about who is managing the Eye Of The Midnight Sun.

Talking about the release date, the chapter might appear on 20th April, but there is no official confirmation yet.