Spoiler- Black Clover Chapter 168


Black Clover Manga

Black CLover Chapter 168 release date: 06 August 2018

Black Clover Manga is getting quite interesting. In Chapter 167, we saw that how Rades & Asta goes into the deep argument. Rades is looking for revenge but, in the end, he accepts to join Aasta to save the kingdom. Episode 168 is going to be how Rades & Aasta along with others goes to save the kingdom.

What we are more eager to know is what exactly will Sally do with Aasta. As Aasta has given his word that Sally can take Aasta’s body if they help him and other reach the battlefield.

Black Clover CHapter 168 Spoiler:

We have seen how Rades team up with Aasta to save the kingdom, but his intentions are not at all clear. He still thinks that Lord Litch is the one who is right. They all arrive at the kingdom & now they are going to Black Bulls.

This chapter is going to be focused on how Noelle meets others. But talking about Rades and others, it seems that they will be attacking the Black Bull capital, as that is what their main intention is.

We think that Voltos is going to show his true color. Whereas talking about Sally, he is quite eager to experiment on Aasta. In the Black Clover chapter 168, you will mostly see how Aasta and other goes to the Black Bull and saves everyone. At the same time, we might also see how Aasta meets others and then the real battle between the three Eye of the Midnight Sun members.

You need to get ready to see more intense battle happening in this chapter. To know more about the manga, we have to wait for a week to get it officially aired.