Battery Saver App


Everyone using a smartphone has a very common problem and that is battery draining issue. The reason why smartphones have battery draining issue is because of the multiple task they perform, internet usage, talk time, and many more. The more you use your phone the faster your battery drains. But, this issue can be solved by installing battery saver apps in your smartphone.

With battery saving app you can monitor application & tasks and accordingly close the task consuming your smartphone’s battery. But, every app comes with different feature & hence becomes a tedious job to select which battery saving app to have. The list of best battery saver app given below will help you to select the best app according to your smartphone and your requirement.

Sr No
App Name
App Review
Available on
1Avast Battery SaverAvast Battery Save ReviewAndroid & iOSFree
2Battery DoctorBattery Doctor ReviewAndroid & iOSFree