Banana Fish Episode 19 – Release Date & Spoiler




Banana Fish Episode 19:

Banana Fish Episode 19: Ice Palace

Release Date: 15 November 2018

In Banana Fish Episode 18, we saw how Ash got stuck in the No Man’s land and now all he has to do is save Eiji. In this article, we are going to talk about Banana FIsh Episode 19 spoiler. Before we go ahead let’s connect the story by looking at what happened in episode 18.

In the last episode, we saw Ash decoding the dots & connecting every clue so that he can figure out the situation around his surrounding. With his speculation, he was clear that this was not an accident but murder by Blanca. What was more surprising to see how Blanca gave Ash’s address to Golzine & he also revealed he is his master.

While Ash & others were getting attacked, he agrees to absurd the term so that he could safe Eiji’s life. This was quite obvious since the escape that his priority is to keep Eiji safe & this got proven when he gave the information about the Banan fish to Golzine.

So, Banana Fish Episode 19 is clearly about Golzine & Ash & let’s see what will happen in Ep 19.

Expected Spoiler: 

There is no doubt that we will be seeing Ash, Golzine & Blanca in action. This episode will clearly show some action by Blanc. It is expected that Blanca will kill Golzine’s guys & keep Ash alive & the only aim of Ash is to make Eiji reach Japan safely. With this Golzine will get to know about the ruthless deal he made with Ash.

It is expected to see Eiji landing Japan in the same Episode & Ash making a plan to kill the troublemakers. Eiji’s safety being his priority, we will see Ash being calm & by the end of the episode, we might see Ash meeting others to assistant everyone who causes him so much trouble.

Banana Fish Episode 19 Release Date:

Talking about the release date, Banan Fish Episode 19 will release on 15 November with their Sub-version.