Banana Fish Episode 17 – Spoiler, Release Date More


Banana Fish Episode 17

Banana Episode 17: The Killer

Release Date: 1 November 2018

It has been a while that Banana Fish Episode 16 has released & now anything can happen between Golzine & others. We saw how desperate Golzine & Ash are to kill each other. This ensures that we can expect anything in Episode 17.

e saw how Ash ran away talking Alex along with him. An unfortunate event happens with Ibe and Max, who came to rescue Ash. Ash is disappointed by what happened to Eiji & it has confirmed that he will go to rescue him.

With this, it is quite sure that in the upcoming episode we might see something quite interesting. To know about it, I am here with the Spoiler on Banan Fish Episode 17.

Spoiler Update:

Ash moving away it is quite clear that Golzine desperately wants to kill everyone. On the other hand, we will see Ash coming for Eiji, whereas Max will be investigating on Golzine.

Talking about the Episode title, “The Killer” which clearly talks about Ash & we are expecting to see a lot of him. It has been confirmed that Ash will go to save Eiji

Now, coming to the spoilers of the upcoming episode. This episode is titled “The Killers”. This episode is just going to be what next does Ash want to do. Will Golzine find and capture them again? Is the next episode going to be funny as hell again? Well, I think that Ash is going to know what exactly happened to Eiji and will do anything in his power to save him.

Talking about Max, we will see him team up with Ibe to counter-attack Golzine move. This Episode is going to be full of action and also we are going to see how Ibe & Max will Ash to rescuing them from Golzine.

Release Date:

Banana Fish Episode 17 will release on 1st November 2018 & this episode is going to be a combination of action & comedy.