Baki Episode 26 – The Raitai Tournament


As seen in the last episode on Baki, it became clear that Baki is on the last stage. There is very less possibility of his survival and talking about Baki (2018) Episode 26, we are going to see something related to the Raitai Tournament

Baki Episode 26

You might be thinking of why we are talking about Raitai. In episode 26 we are finally going to see Baki’s purpose and how is it related to Raitai. In this post, we are going to share Baki (2018) Episode 26 Spoiler and will let you know its release date

If you still want Spoiler for this episode, keep reading. 

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Baki Episode 26 Spoiler

We saw Kaioh Retsu at the end of the chapter and the reason behind it was Baki’s plan. It seems that Retsu knew about Baki’s plan & according to him, he is going to participate in the Raitai Tournament. 

Known about this fact, Retsu will take Baki along with him at the Chinese old temple and inform the master about the condition. After knowing everything about him he decides for a bought & calls Xilou to fight Baki.  

On the other hand, we will see Mohammad Ali’s son meeting Yujiro Hanma and challenge him for a fight. Seeing Yujiro power, Ali’s sons refuse to fight and make Yujiro angry. 

While we see Xilou and Baki’s fight, everyone would be shocked by seeing Baki’s reflexes and how he defeats Xilou. Even after several attempts, Xilou could not touch Baki. Later it becomes clear that Retsu offers Baki to go on the Raitai tournament as an only solution for Baki to stay alive. 

One of the biggest surprise here is that even Yujiro will be participating in the tournament. This ensure that Baki (2018) Episode 26 is going to be an intense episode. 

Baki Episode 26 Release Date

For those who really want to know Baki Episode 26 release date, then this episode is getting aired on 16 December 2018.