Baki (2018) Episode 21- Two V/S One


Baki (20180 Episode 21

Episode: Baki (2018) Episode 21

Release Date: 12 November 2018

As said in our last Baki (2018) article, Episode 20 was all about Ryuukou & how he had developed his Poison Punch. Kunimastu also showcased his technique to his visitor saying how perfect is Ryuukou.

It was also expected to see Ryuukou Yanagi visiting Baki & invite him for the fight. It is clearly seen that Baki has developed himself so well that he was able to take down Ryuukou. Seeing Baki using “The Wipe of Mercury” was also surprising to everyone & even Ryuukou was surprised that his poison hand was affecting him.

By the end of the episode, we saw a new person attacking Baki as a revenge on his last fight. In Baki (2018) Episode 21 we will be seeing a battle between 2 v/s 1 & this article is a spoiler to this episode.

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Baki (2018) Episode 21 Spoiler:

Finally, we see Baki developed into a strong person & seeing him fighting with the two opponents will make this episode interesting. There is one thing for sure that Baki has no effect of Ryuukou poison, which means that he might have gone through a lot of tough training back then.

In this episode, we will see Baki overpowering them until they give up. During their fight, we will see Ryuukou using his vacuum technique, but Baki will somehow manage to overcome it.

During their fight, we will be seeing Hanayama coming to see Baki & getting surprised to see him developed so strong. Hanayama realizes his reason to become strong and that is love, which is why he is able to overcome this strength.

Seeing Hanayama & other 2 opponents Baki to plan for an escape as he wants her love to be protected.

Release Date: 

Talking about Baki (2018) Episode 21, this episode will release on their official day that is Monday 12 November 2018. If there is any change in the schedule, we shall update you here.