Baki (2018) Episode 16 – Oliva’s Judo Training


Episode: Baki (2018) Episode 16

Release Date: 7 October

Status: Aired

Baki Episode 16

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Baki (2018) episode 15, Ultra strength is out (RAW) & we saw an amazing battle between Oliva & Doyle. It was quite unexpected to see Doyle entering Oliva’s room at the time he was investigating regarding Doyle. The only part that was interesting in this episode was the fight between them & this also bring to notice that Doyle’s life is in danger.

This is the first time we have seen Oliva struggle & all because of the poison effect by Doyle’s blade. It is really a suspense even for us to know his strength.

By the end of the Episode, we saw Shibukawa inviting Oliva for Judo in the Metropolitan Police Department. Shibukawa looks way experienced than Oliva in the fight & he was able to take him down with just a few Judo moves. Seeing all this, it is quite obvious that in the future episode we could see more about Doyle.

In this article let us discuss what we could expect to see in the Baki Episode 16.

Our Expectation:

Looking at the previous episode it becomes clear that Oliva will go under some Judo training. Getting trained under Shibukawa will be another tough task, but is that is is really gonna happen?. Whereas Doyle’s is a concern, we are expecting to get to know more about him in this episode.

As we have seen how Shibukawa & the cop being shocked looking at Oliva style of Judo, we might see the next move by Oliva to capture Doyle. As also said, Oliva wants the black belt once he defeats everyone in the arena. Which also indicates that Oliva could also battle Shibukawa.

What interesting in this chapter is to see how Oliva will capture the 2 most wanted criminals. I guess that’s the reason why Oliva is going through Judo training.

Release Date:

Baki 2018 Episode 16 will release on 7 October, which will be the RAW episode release & in a few days after that we could expect to see the English Subbed version to be out. If you are one of those who has any other information, do let us know in the comment below.