Baki (2018) Episode 16 – Oliva Receives Black Belt


Baki 2018 Episode 16

Note: This Article contains Spoiler

We already know that Baki 2018 Episode 16 is going to be about Oliva’s Judo Training. We already have expected on what we could see in this Episode. But today we have some more insight on this episode.

If you remember Oliva asked Sonada to give him Black Belt if he defeats everyone in the arena. In this episode we will how he fights everyone, but at some point, we will see people refusing to fight him. The last member who fights him feels like he is moving a huge tree.

It becomes really tough for Sonada & informs him that he just using his strength, but not Judo. Then comes Shibukawa challenging Oliva to beat him. Oliva warns Shibukawa to back off, but he seems to take his turn. This initiates Oliva & Shibukawa’s, but Oliva being strong, uses his power by lifting Shibukawa & drops him to ground.

Shubukawa being an experts get through it & give a stance to Oliva. Seeing this Oliva takes a step back & declares the fights. But he does not notice that his arm is already been injured, which makes it unbelievable for everyone.  Seeing Oliva’s effort, Shubukawa gets impressed & gives him his Black Belt. This ensures Oliva has earned his respect to deserve the Black belt from Shubukawa.

For those who are not aware of the release date, Baki 2018 Episode 16 will release on 7th October (RAW version). The English version is expected to release on 10th.