Yuusuke Murata announced the Back To The Future manga


Back to the future is a classic 1984 American sci-fi/comedy movie. Got 8.5rating on IMbd this is certainly one of the classics that I love to watch. But the problem is I’m more like an anime person and not a movies person. I wish there is an anime or manga made in this story. Do you wish for the same? If yes, then let me tell you good news.

Yuusuke Murata the famous manga artist who got the credits for manga’s like Eyeshield 21 and One Punch Man announced the Back To The Future manga at the Ready Player One film “celebration event” in Tokyo on Thursday. The screenwriter of the original movie Bob Gale is supervising the manga. If you have watched the movie and want to see some more than the manga will include story content not seen in the film.

Kono Manga ga Sugoi will be the provider, there is no website telling about the actual date. But Yuusuke Murata plans to publish the first collected book volume by the April 20. Maga is still getting some final touches, though the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! website is exhibiting a page from the first chapter’s color opening. I’ve added that image below for you all to see it.