Another series o Netflix that I’m excited about, B: The Beginning is the title of the anime and yesterday the official website of Production I.G’s B: The Beginning anime shared a new trailer. “The Perfect World,” a collaboration between Marty Friedman (song-arrange-guitar), MAN WITH A MISSION’s Jean-Ken Johnny (vocals), KenKen (bass), and Kōji Fujimoto (arrange-programming) is the theme song for the series that is previewed in the trailer as well. The staff also revealed a new visual for the anime.

Netflix planned to stream the anime March 2 worldwide. Kazuto Nakazawa who is famous for his work in Kill Bill’s animated segment, Moondrive, Parasite Dolls and Production I.G together seems to be the original creators of the series. Direction of the series is taking places under Nakazawa, and Yoshiki Yamakawa, and other than directing Nakazawa is also designing the characters and working as crucial animation supervisor for the series. Yoshiro Ike does music composition, Katsuya Ishida is working on the screenplay.

According to Netflix, the story is taking place in a world powered by high-level technology, crime and action reveal in the archipelagic nation of Cremona. Koku, the lead, and Keith, the fabulous detective of the royal police force RIS. Other than that a mysterious criminal organization. A wide variety of characters race through the fortified city as it is attacked by some exciting enemies like the serial killer, Killer B, all creating a suspense drama that I’m very excited to see.

Before naming it as “B: The Begining” the series was titled as the Perfect Bones but later changed to the title “B: The Begining.”