Attack On Titan Mobile Game is going to be a multiplayer


In 2016 Funanimationannounced the “Attack On Titan” mobile games. With a release expected at the end of that year fan’s were very excited but there was no news after that, until now. But now finally the GameSamba officially announced the Attack On Titan mobile game, they said they are working on it.

After reading the description few things are cleared that the game is going to be a multiplayer online. Other than that the title of the game is also made confirmed which is Attack On Titan: Assault.GameSamba will try to release the game on both Android and iOS platform. Tough the bad news is that they didn’t speak anything about the release date of the game.

Not just this but this they are also working on Tokyo Ghoul and Fairy Tail mobile games as well. Soon fans will get to play these games.