ATTACK ON TITAN 2 Video Game Launched A New Trailer


Most of us are a big fan of the Attack On Titan series. It’s a lovely series, and there is no doubt it’s on your top list of anime. Well for the fans I have got a good news as the new trailer has been launched for the new Attack On Titan video game. The trailer is filled with several exciting new scenes and gameplay that showcase the glory of Titan hunting.The trailer shows off the story mode of the game (which is covering the main story of the second season of the series) and also reveal some cutscenes.

To make things interesting, the game uses the 3D maneuver gear that will help players to go head to head with advanced titan movements. Also, to offer more realistic RPG element the game introduces a “town life” part in which players have to focus on building relationships to reveal the future plot of the characters.

Other than using the conventional characters like Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermin, Armin Arlert, you can also create your own scout to play with.