Clover Kingdom Overview

Black Clover Squads are a group of the organization at the Clover Kingdom responsible for protecting their kingdom from enemies.

The Clover Kingdom have total 9 Squads having powerful magicians taking responsibility to follow all the orders from the Magic Knight.

The clover Kingdom's biggest rivals are the Diamond Kingdom from north, Spade Kingdom from the west, & Heart Kingdom from the south. This kingdome is divided into, Forsaken, Common, and Noble region. This Clover Kingdom is Magic Emperor hime country.


Black Clover Squads:

Black Clover Squads are a group of Organization with the noble duty of protecting the Clover Kingdom from any threat & danger.

These squads are the part of the Clover Military under Magic Knight. The duties are assigned as a mission & every mission is ranked according to the risk & hence these mission are assigned to Squads as per their capabilities.


Squads Captains

Golden Dawn William Vangeance
Black BullYami Sukehiro
Silver EagleNozel Silva
Blue Rose Charlotte Roselei
Crimson Lion Mereoleona Vermillion
Green MantisJack the Ripper
Coral Peacock Dorothy Unsworth
Purple Orca Kaiser Granvorka
Azure DeerRill Boismortier

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