Anime series Shirobako is about to receive a new animated movie


If you like watching anime, then Shirobako is the one you should definitely watch. Also now when the anime series is about to launch its first animated movie, watching the series become a must. Recently the official twitter page of the anime announced the news of the animated movie.

The anime series is about five girls who are busy chasing their dream of producing an anime in various roles which include animating, writing, voice acting, and creating 3D computer images. The anime was aired on Oct. 2014 to Mar. 2015. It was a pretty fun anime, and I enjoyed it now knowing  that it’s getting the anime movie, I’m curious to see what they will portray in it.

Along with the news of anime getting its movie adaptation a visual of our main lead character Miyamori Aoi is also released. Aoi is the first-year production assistant at Musashino Animation, and the story is about her and her friends trying to make anime.

Not much has been released at this point, but the little information about the staff is also given. With Tsutomu Mizushima directing the movie, Michiko Yokote writing the script, Ponkan8 (character design), Kanami Sekiguchi working on the animation character design and character design is provided by Ponkan8, and in the end, Infinite is handling the production.