Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki Episode 5 – “Back To The Capital”


Angolmois Episode 5

Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki Episode 4 is out and the episode has some intense battle & also we get to see some new characters. In this Episode, we see how Kuchii Jinzaburou kills the betrayer & commands the rest to save the princess. (Xanax)

We get to see, the two most powerful Commander from Mogol that is “Kin Houkei” & Ryuu Fukukou.” You will see how Ryuu gets in a battle with Jinzaburou & gets injured. You will also see how Jinzaburou gives hope to others after all of them retreat and rest at a place. After seeing the EP 4, it seems that the Episode is going to get more interesting in future.

So What Can We Expect from Episode 5?

Episode 5 is all about how Jinzaburou along with princess and others plans to go the Capital. During the end of the episode, you will see that Jinzaburou finds out that the whole capital has burnet into ashes.

So, in this episode, we will see a filler on whats going on in the Mogol’s side & at the same time, we will see how Jinzaburou along with other makes a way to the Capital. In the EP 5, we might also get to see some more information on the “Hindun“, Mogol Army Marchant, which seems to be the most powerful warrior of the Mogols.

As compared to the Episode 3 & 4, this episode will not have an amazing battle, but will definitely have a story that will connect it with the future episodes.