Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki Episode 11: Bad Omen


 Genkou Kassenki Episode 11

Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki Episode 11: Bad Omen

Release date: 19 Sept

Status: Released

Note: The Episode is released, you can still read our thought on the episode below. 

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Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki has take a very new turn in their series. In the last episode we saw how Jinzaburou kills Shiraishi Karushisa for betraying everyone. On the other hand, we saw how animals in huge group come to the forest, which give a clear indication of a huge army coming. In the last episode we see Mogol’s huge army indicating them by fire torch, so that they can run to the shore, where their other army is coming.

As everyone is waiting for the reinforcement from Hakata, we saw ships and believes it to be from Hakata’s. But, the happiness does not remains for long. It seems that they were Mogols.

By the end of the episode, we see a short clip from Hakata, where the Kagesuka, got refused from his father to send help to Tsushima. Hearing his comments, he refuses to listen to him. In this Article, we are going to see  what we are going to expect from Genkou Kassenki Episode 11 & will also see when exactly the episode will release.

Genkou Kassenki Episode 11 Spoiler:

This episode is titled “Bad Omen” & the first thing we will see in Episode 11 is about how Jinzaburou and other will make a plan to defeat these Mogols from the sea. As we know that the Mogol from the other side will take time to be there at Tsushima, it is obvious that Jinzaburo will plan to attack the sea.

Talking about Hakata reinforcement, we believe that by the end of the episode, we might see them coming to help Tsushima. It seems that Hakata people have something related to Tsushima people. Kagesuka, on the other hand does not agree to his fathers statement. We might see Hakata people will come with a reinforcement in Episode 11.

Release Date:

This episode is expected to be released the coming week on 18 Sept-2018. If there is any change in the schedule we will update you here.