Android 21 new character fits perfectly with the story of Dragon Ball FighterZ


Dragon Ball is not a just a fantastic series to watch but since its start fans wanted a game to play as well. Luckily the creators listened to the fans of the series and started to launch various Dragon Ball titles. But I agree none of them were interesting until I played Dragon Ball FighterZ. To me, Dragon Ball FighterZ gave me the ultimate fighting game experience that I have been looking for so long.

The game and the game play is just amazing, and all the fans are enjoying it beyond expectations. But the simple surprise that makes fans go wooh is a new character. Designed by the creator of the series Akira Toriyama himself, Android 21 is the new character that fans are all busy talking about.

An interview with the development team of the Dragon Ball FighterZ has shared on the official Dragon Ball Website. In which the development team seems to be talking about their plans for the new character. They coveted a new knave, the one that goes good with the game’s original story.

The development team was thinking about the character just which not just another Cell, but her inception matches his, publisher Shueisha implied she transform.

After hearing about the needs of the team, Toriyama supervised in the creation of a new sleek character that would transform. In the end, Toriyama created Android 21’s design, but we still don’t have any origin story of Android 21. Even Toriyama didn’t provide the direct input the character made her way and fits perfectly in the FighterZ story.

You can experience the Dragon Ball FighterZ PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Dragon Ball Super series is also coming very close to its end. You can read our Dragon Ball Super Reviews and Spoilers here.