Finally, the thing everyone thinks is creepy about this series was sorted in the latest episode of Ancient Magus Bride. Episode 9 was out yesterday and here is my Ancient Magus Bride Episode 9 review.

My Review

A completely satisfying episode is how I want to describe this episode of one if not the best series of this season. After watching Chise for whole episodes, by just accepting what comes to her, no matter in what way. She is now looking for answers, seeking explanations for why Elias choose her and all that stuff.

Now we all know Chise is an emotionally damaged character in the series she doesn’t have anyone to take care of her in the past and she doesn’t have a good upbringing. Also, when Elias confirmed that all the stuff he is saying is just to make her feel good, stuff he was saying was just what she want’s to hear made it important to clear all the things.

Everyone had this problem with the series that Chise is just doing all this sad stuff like throwing herself into slavery just to feel a little appreciated and just to find someone to cling on. In this episode we finally her character developing, which was apparently developing slowly in the past. In this episode she starts to find answers for own good, she seems little selfish and started to think for her own good which is a nice thing to do, after knowing how she was in the past.

Everything Elias was saying is half true and she was thinking about all this. Elias was not lying he just doesn’t think it is necessary to explain everything to Chise. Elias was not describing the complete picture and that’s where Chise starts to question, she starts to think on her own. She is trying to change for better and opening up herself which is a good thing.

Still, their relationship is just a little creepy (creepy but good) there are problems with their relationship and there are few scenes that complement that creepiness of the series. One of them is seeing Elias locked up in a room after the last arc. Maybe he is doing so because he doesn’t know how to react on that or maybe he is simply recovering himself, or maybe he in his angry state and don’t want to accidentally harm Chise and that’s why he locked himself up. Whatever the reason is it just proves that there is some problem going on. In this episode we see Chise looking for Elias, trying to find him and questioning things that come to her.

It was a very satisfying episode and I just loved it, really excited for the next episode.