Ancient Magu’s Bride Episode 7 review


Have you seen the real appearance of the Mage? Well, I have, in episode 7 of Ancient Magu’s Bride, Elias come to its true form and that thing just can’t be human. Yes, I have watched the latest episode of this amazing series and here is my Ancient Magu’s Bride Episode 7 review.

My Review

The animation, I just could say anything other than perfection. The animation of this series is just amazing and not just we usually see. Other than that with a perfect story, this episode also took my heart away with its presentation.

The episode started with a Big Black and mysterious dog then just after that we see Chise learning how to make the magic portions. In the last episode, she gets to know what Sleigh Baggie means and she also gets to know that she’ll be dying soon and Elias is not doing nice just for her there are his motives as well. Chise thinks that because she now knows the reality of Elias, he is focusing more on teaching her. As he is telling her what is medical and what is poison, what can help and what we need to avoid.

To be honest, Chise seems happy in this episode, when she was making the portion for the lady on the hill, she was happy though she messed up the portion, but she was happy. Just like every episode, Elias took her with him on the field when Church gave him a request to inspect the Black Dog who protect the Church from the graveyard. On their way to church, Elias gave Chise a ring, no he wasn’t proposing her as the ring was a magical ring which will control the Chise’s magic in order to help her live more.

This episode was more focused on the apprentice, as the sorcerer from the last episode was kind of blackmailed by a new guy. The new guy was threatening the Sorcerer for messing while capturing the corruption and threatening him by saying to hurt his apprentice.

The episode and the story of the episode were nice, how Chise learns about the dangerous characters and how the Black Dog helped her, everything was amazing. But what’s, even more, better was the end of the episode.

As the New Guy came and accidentally killed the Chise (I’m not sure if she really died or not, probably not. But he the New Guy did pierce her branch-like arm through Chises’s chest. Elias was standing there but everything happened so fast that he couldn’t do anything. Later we see him holding Chise in her arm and awakening his true for. He opened his mouth and the only thing that I want to say is that he is surely not a human. He is far away from being a human and I’m just talking about his physical appearance at this time. As we seem to be mad after seeing Chise bleeding. This emotion of his makes me think how he is not a human as he can feel the anger and sadness and he is reacting to it.

The episode was amazing and I just can’t see more of Elias form.