Ancient Magu’s Bride Episode 6 review


Oh Man! I Just love this so much, Ancient Magu’s Bride and its world are just so amazing. All the character, especially the lead character (Chise) and the story is just the best. No doubt it is my favorite anime of this season. Episode 6 has been aired and here is my Ancient Magu’s Bride Episode 6 review.

My Review

It is very amazing the world they are creating in this series is truly amazing. Usually, anime’s focusing on romance and slice of life doesn’t really focus on other things like the world, they don’t expand the world and give details to it. But in this episode, it was all about expanding the world.

In this episode, we see Fairy King and Queen (Tatania) and several Sorcerors who are very racist. They all give depth to the World building of this series and make me curious to know more about the mystery of the Ancient Magu’s Bride. After watching this episode if they describe more about the world and other characters of the world that gives it detail, I would love to see that in another episode.

Now this series has great Characters a nice and not so common story and added to this they have a nice and very interesting world as well. That’s about the world and characters now lets talk about the episode itself. One of the major attraction of this episode was the Elias motive, why he got Chise? We can assume that he wants to make Chise the new Mage and that’s true but we also get to know more about his motive.

I have read many comments and discussion complaining about the relation between Chise and Elias. They say Elias is messing with her mind, trying to make her fall in love and this seems to be true. The writer is also pretty serious about this. For the example in the last episode when Elias was carrying Chise and starts to talk about how long does she have to live and then he is trying to save her, not because he is kind but as a part of an experiment. He certainly doesn’t have human-like emotion, he knows what life and death mean to humanity but he can’t actually understand it. He is not human after all, this is kind of psychotic if he is not a Mage (supernatural character) he will surely portray a psychotic image. So because he is something between a Fairy and a human makes us believe that it is normal for him for not to have human-like emotions or understanding to human emotions.

Elias admits that he is saying all the nice thing to Chise to make her feel comfortable and to have an easy time with her. There is a scene in which he says about erasing Chises memory and Chise disagrees with it. Now it is obvious that he doesn’t understand what human memories and emotions mean to the person.

To be honest I think that the factor Elias learning about human emotions will be something that will make this series more engaging and unique. Also if anyone of you has watched the OVA you might recognize that Chise is more like Elias’s teacher of human emotions. Elias’s character is still developing and throughout his journey, he will learn about different human emotions like sadness, happiness and even about being heartbroken.

I loved this episode and I love the way they are developing the world. I don’t know who exactly the writer is, but whoever it does a good job in developing the world and I just can’t wait for another episode.

One more thing before I end this, the part where Fairy Queen comes out in open to meet this human girl is just so unique and interesting. I just love how they are doing things in this series.