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 Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 3

Title: The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 3 “Everything must have a begining”
Release date:  29-October-2017
Original Maker: Kore Yamazaki

Ancient Magus’ Bride is getting better and better with every episode and I’m so into it. The story of a Beauty and a Beast with some magical touches. Episode 4 is available online now and I’ve already seen it. So here is my Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 4 review.

My Review

Okay, so the one thing that I love most about this series is the scenery. Green Medows, nice trees and a Beauty and a Beast standing close to each other trying to help each other, trying to fall in love with each other just make it good enough to watch it. And when you watch it, it is even beautiful than what you would have expected (if not for you then that’s what I think).

This episode started with Chise having a dream related to Cats and cats nine lives as she was traveling in a train with Elias. To the world of cats where you’ll see cats more than human and to be precise talking cats. Now I’m not a cat person otherwise I would be super excited when I saw all those super fluffy and cute cats taking.

Elias sent to this town to the church to see if everything is good in this town. While Elias was investigating the town. The cat king named Molly and two other cats take Chise on a walk to show her the place.

They went to a lake when Chise saw something weird which later explained by the Cat king that it was the corruption that wants to come out of the water and kill cats and humans. Many years ago there was a guy who loves to kill cats, cats have nine lives but still, it killing was unpleasing. After losing many lives the first Cat king decided to put an end to it. He gathered other cats and attacked the guy and killed him.

Now right after the end of this story, Chise was attacked by another girl who took her and then dropped her into the lake. From there another part of the story stars. So basically the dream and flashbacks about cats and cats nine lives was connecting to this second story. Inside the lake, there was a lady who introduces herself as the core of this corruption. She was the same girl from dreams of Chise. Apparently, she used to stay sick and lives with her husband and she had a pet cat. Cats love him and because cats got nine lives somehow her husband named Mathew takes one life of their cat so that her wife can get one. And from there the madness of killing cats begins.

In this episode, she was about to do a cleansing magic to clear the corruption from the lake. But she was again attacked by the same girl who attacked her before. Now this time she was not alone and she is with some other guy. Elias might know him and there might be a big fight. The people who attacked Chise are Sorcerers and they said something about Chise and that her faith is to die soon. She is a test subject of Elias and he is using her to complete her purposes.

Well, I don’t believe that I don’t want to believe that. Now in the next episode we are might be seeing why Elias picked Chise is there any particular reason behind it? or not?