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Title: The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 3 “The balance distinguishes not between gold and lead.”
Release date:  21-October-2017
Original Maker: Kore Yamazaki

She should have to find happiness in her life, life is too short to depress. I’m talking about Ancient Magus’ Bride, the third episode was aired last night and the message in this episode is quite strong “The living should not envy the dead”. This might become a nice quote. I love the episode and I love Chise so here are my Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 3 review.

My Review

I like this episode because it was teaching Chise that there is a lot to live for and she shouldn’t have to do all those things like trying to throw herself into slavery. This episode also gives us the insight of the Chise, for those who haven’t watched the OVA this was a good thing. Though some part of Chise’s backstory is new and it is little different from the OV backstory.

The part where Dragon looked into Chise’s memory and saw that “Living should not envy the dead”, it was a dope line and dope scene. While paying a little attention to the line it feels like Living should not envy the fact that there is an end to their life and instead they should stay happy and enjoy whatever they have, life is too short to think about dying.

Chise had a rough past and she just could not move over all of it like it was nothing. She has too many regrets and it is very hard for her to move on. Normally in any anime of any other show what happened was the main character had a rough past then come another person who makes him forget about everything related to their past. But that’s not what happens in a real life, in Ancient Magus’ Bride Chise is portraying what happens in the real life. Someone who has a rough past, it is not easy for them to just move-on and enjoys the life. It needs time and efforts of others to make them forget about their past. Well, luckily that’s what we are seeing in this series.

As you know Chise is special, she can see mythical creatures (kind of dead creatures as well) and because of her dark past, she started to think that it would be good to join the dead instead of staying alive.

Now let’s talk about Elias, he is not a person who knows how to interact. In the last episode when he asked Chise about her family was blunt. But if you look from my perspective it was totally fine, Elias doesn’t know how Chise feels about her dead parents and Elias never experienced something like that but still, he comprehended how she is feeling but by looking at her past. He is developing and we can see that he wants to marry Chise and he is making efforts which are good to see. Elias still needs to learn a lot but he will get there. If what this story is building I can say, Elias need to understand humans more quickly so that he can help Chise to get over her trauma.

The vibe, the theme of this episode is so different from all those typical romance and magic categories. Two people who are not compatible trying to make better each other and watching it is just amazing. I’m a romance kind of guy and I appreciate this unique love story that is building in Ancient Magus’ Bride.


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