The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 1 Review


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I find it, the first episode of The Ancient Magus’ Bride is the best episode of Fall season Anime of 2017. From the character to the theme there is nothing that I don’t like about it. Let me just quickly start with my The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 1 Review so that I can tell you what it is all about and which part I like the most.

My Review

The first episode is titled as “April showers bring May flowers.”

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is all about love, it is a romance series with supernatural touch in it. Okay I know not everyone like romance series because there are too many but the first episode of The Ancient Magus’ Bride is not anything like a supernatural romance, it wasn’t a cliche. The first episode doesn’t feel like all those romance stories that are repeated every season and gets dull after few months because we have already seen something like that.

If you are not understanding what I mean, let me just give you the context of the summary and that will make it easy for you to understand. So basically the main character in this series is a woman her name is Chise and she looks like someone who had hit the rock bottom and has lost all her hopes (pretty much like me). She really can’t put a smile just because she has experienced so much misfortune. And if I look at the context of the episode it felt like she surrenders herself into the slavery just so she can get a place that she can call a home. Just by looking at her willingly throwing herself into the slavery tell us how different this series is from other supernatural romance series.

Just for the fact, Chise had a very horrible life, her family doesn’t want her and she had shipped to an orphanage to orphanage, relative to relative, nobody wants her and in the end, she had no place to go. Then she decided to throw herself into slavery, to sell herself as a slave just so she can get a place a home.

Watching her selling herself into slavery is where the episode actually starts off. It certainly had a dark introduction to the series and extremely unsettling. But it also explains the character in much detail.

This is basically what life looks like but other than this I saw supernatural creatures all over the place. There are fairies, mermaids and supernatural plants and other creatures as well. It is something like a supernatural fantasy world (if this makes sense). This supernatural touch to this series certainly going to keep this series interesting. But let me just come to the review.

In the episode when Chise was selling herself into the slavery, basically she was standing as an auction piece and people were biding on her. When people were placing bids on her the main character of the series comes in and buys her. He pays 500 Million yens or pounds (don’t know the exact currency). And when Chise makes her way towards her master, Elias (the main character) tells her that she will be his apprentice. From an extremely unpleasant past now she got the best possible thing at the moment. Now she have a place to go and call it her home also she won’t have to be a slave.

She is now going to experience happiness in her life, she is going to experience how it feels to have a family and how it feels when someone cares about you. That’s all that I get to see in the first episode and the concept is of the series is very clear now. If you don’t find it interesting then I don’t know what you’ll find interest in. I loved the first episode it is the best episode I watched in this season’s anime.

Now let’s just wait till next week for the next episode and see what’ll happen next till then you can please yourself from my other posts, review, and spoilers. Make yourself comfortable and leave a comment if you like The Ancient Magus’ Bride also share try to help me reaching to other peoples.