All Mighty is going to be the main lead in My Hero Academia – The Movie


Who loves Izuku? And Who love All Mighty? Well, I do, and that’s why I’m sharing this fantastic news with you all. As I know just like you people also love “My Hero Academia.” The first My Hero Academia anime film is reportedly is in production, and the creators decided to use “My Hero Academia: The Movie – The Two Heroes” as the title of the movie. This movie is going to feature All Mighty before his injuries.So, you can say that this movie is going to keep the All Might in focus. Now, this All Mighty is not going to be the same that we knew from the anime series. Instead, the time when All Might was in his prime condition is going to be on the screen in this movie. The movie will portray him before he suffered his debilitating injury and was in his prime. The movie will be released on August 3, 2018, in Japan and as I already mentioned the title “My Hero Academia: The Movie – The Two Heroes.”

Nothing else is out till now, but a new visual will soon be out for the sake of fan’s. Till then stay tuned to GeekSnipper for more cool and amazing updates.

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