New anime in the town “A Place Further Than The Universe” episode one is available to stream and now I can say winter anime of 2018 officially begins. Here is my A Place Further Than The Universe Episode 1 review.

My Review

From the last two weeks, I was waiting for my animes but nothing arriving. To be honest, I was getting desperate to watch some new good animes and that’s when I saw “A Place Further Than The Universe”. I didn’t knew much about it, all I knew was that it is an anime from MadHouse studio and it will be a slice of life type anime.

So just to slow down my desperation, I watched it. It was pretty enjoyable overall. Other than being a Madhouse Studio series with the slice of life, the main character of this series wants to go out on an adventure without any plan. So she was going to the south pole with another female character of the series, she too seems to be one of the main characters. According to the summary and the synopsis of this series people will not be going to watch this series because it seems very plain and simple. But after watching the first episode I can say it was enjoyable. Surely it is not like one of those series which will hook you up right from the first half of the episode.

For me, I like the art and animation of this new series, safe to say it’s a good start to the year 2018 for me. The story might seem plain of the paper but the animation especially the voiceover of individual characters are just so amazing. You’ll notice many known amazing voiceover artist working in the first episode of this series.

Winter wind is hitting my face, atmosphere is getting cold in every hour, watching “A Place Further Than The Universe” is perfect for winter evenings like this. I can’t predict exactly how it is going to turn out in future but right now it seems to be very pleasing series. For people who love the slice of life genre, it is going to be a good start for others I don’t know, it’s a good first episode give it a try. If you read my “Just Because” reviews and liked the series then you should probably watch this as well.