The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 2 review.


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Title: The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 2- “One today is worth two tomorrows.”
Release date:  14-October-2017
Original Maker: Kore Yamazaki


If you have read my reviews of episode one of The Ancient Magus’ Bride, I made it clear that this one is my favorite anime of the season. Now the episode 2 has been aired and titled as “One today worth two tomorrows” and to describe what I feel about this series and here are my The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 2 review. (provigil acquisto online)

My Review

Chise is the main character and I’m desperately waiting to see what is the main purpose of her. I know Elias wants her to be next maze and wants to be with her, wants to make her his wife. But other than that there must be something, maybe she will learn to be loved, I don’t know but I’m desperately waiting to know what actually is the purpose of her in the series. I can see in this episode that there is certainly more than just this going on this series and he is not telling everything to Chise. We will get to know about it and I’m pretty excited to see it.

There is another thing that made me wonder, Why? Why Elias choose Chise? Why is he so determined to make her his wife. There must be something that we are going to see in the upcoming episodes.

Just like in any other anime or manga first few episode or chapters are just to fit everyone in the series. In The Ancient Magus’ Bride clarification of characters is really important. The background story of Chise, Who is Elias and how they all do the magic? Well, this episode kind of clarify all of these things.
So now if we talk about Chise’s character we already know that she had a rough past and the trauma of being weird and not to get loved by anyone is still inside her. She is trying to interact with others but still, it is going to take time for her to forget about her past.

In case of Elias, he doesn’t know about how to interact with Humans, If you have watched OVA you must have already known it. When he asked Chise about his parents that were a little insensitive and proves that he doesn’t know how to interact with humans. Though he is trying to change himself and now he is getting better. When Chise tried to use her magic for the first time in this series and made a mess, we see him making sure that Chise won’t think about her previous problems anymore.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is kind of like The Beauty and The Beast but with the touch of anime. Two episodes are already available on Crunchyroll and if you haven’t watched them yet then what are you doing. The Ancient Magus’ Bride is simply the best anime of this season. From visuals to the story, characters to the characters dynamic everything is just beautiful about this series. Everything is going at a nice pace which shows that writers have big plans for this series.