3 New Students Reveled – To Been Seen In My Hero Academia Episode 62


My Hero Academia Episode 62 will be aired today & according to our last spoiler & expectation, there were 3 new students that will debut in this episode. These 3 new students has been reveled yesterday in their official website.

These 3 new students are named Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki & Nejire Hado. These are the 3rd year students who rank top on all the tests so far. We believe that they will be one of those that Deku & others will lookup to.

Their powers & other details has yet not been reveled. To know more about them we will need to wait for the episode to be released.

This episode 62 (Season 3 Episode 24) will be an interesting episode to wait for. We will get to know more about these characters and their role in the future episodes. As expected to see Villains activity in this episode, we believe that they will be playing an important role there.

As we are just 2 episodes away from the Season 3 to get end & with Season 4 we are expecting to see the villains underground activity & war between the heroes. These villains activity will become more clear in this 2 episodes.

Do let us know about your thoughts on the last 2 episodes & also let us know what you think about the upcoming My Hero Academia Season 4.